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5kw Off Grid Kit

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This is our most popular system with the best value in New Zealand for the main components for your own solar system. Our panels, inverters and batteries are all premium products. Please compare our specs on the website to others and you will find the products we sell here are superior to our competition.


Best for off grid application but can be connected to a generator or mains, this Growatt hybrid inverter does it all. Easily add to your system with panels, batteries or inverters if you ever need to scale up in the future. This system includes:


- 12 x 375W monocrystalline half cell 9bb solar panels

- 1 x 5KW ES Growatt hybrid inverter with wifi monitoring unit

- 2 x 48V 100ah LifePo4 battery


All cables, DC circuit breakers, PV combiner box necessary for battery and inverter hookup. 


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