High Quality, Simple and Affordable

MyPower is a company that is dedicated to supplying kiwis
with the best solar products at the best prices. We make this possible by not
having all of the factors that hike other solar companies' prices to
unaffordable levels. No shop, no installers, no expensive marketing, just
quality products delivered directly to the customer.

We mainly specialise in a 5kw Hybrid Solar System which basically does it all. You can easily scale the system with more batteries, panels or even inverters in the future if your needs change. Super simple and easy to install for your electrician.

Only using high quality Growatt inverters, Lifepo4
batteries, and the latest technology solar panels. We have committed a lot of time and research into sourcing the best solar products.

Browse our range and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us through the contact form.